5 super easy beginner watercolor ideas

5 super easy beginner watercolor ideas

Starting out with watercolors can be quite overwhelming, because; what do you create for your first pieces? I’ve collected a few super easy beginner watercolor ideas. You can do these with any supplies you already have, just a little paint, a brush and a pen are needed.

  1. Geometric circle

You can do this circle with a gold pen like I did, but of course you can do this with any pen you have at home. Trace a circle, do a lovely watercolor wash and finish the piece by tracing the outside of the cirlce and the geometric shapes. You can also add in some stripes, or other patterns.


2. Geometric heart

You can ofcourse do this with any other shape. If you’re not sure on how to do a shape, here’s a little tip: always start out with triangles, and connect those. That way you can shape your piece just how you want it.

3. Geodes / diamonds

Another geometric shape. These geodes or diamonds you can do in any shape or form and they always look good! You can experiment with your washes and do a background wash, or fill in the shapes one by one and create a shadow effect.

4. Planet

If you’re like me and like doing simple circle washes, this very cute and minimal planet might be something for you to try out!

5. Half moon

This half moon is easily made by tracing two circles a little a part from each other. You can practice your washes and accuracy with this cute little moon painting.

If you try any of these I would love to see them! You can tag me on Instagram or Facebook @effierced.

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