How I edit my Instagram watercolor art pics

How I edit my Instagram watercolor art pics

My most asked question is how I edit my Instagram pictures, so I wanted to share what I do to edit a picture before I post it. Note: I’m not a professional photographer and I just use my iPhone to take pictures, so this is probably not the best way to take pictures but it’s what works for me.


First of all, the one thing I do know about taking (art) pictures, is that lighting is the most important thing. So try and take your pictures nearby a big window or even outside, but not in the direct sunlight. You can edit your pictures as much as you want, but a good start is half the work 😉


I use the Afterlight app (€1,09 in the iTunes store) to edit my pictures. It’s a one-time purchase, but you can do more in-app purchases for extra filtres if you want to. I’ll walk you through the editing steps I always use.

So, let’s start with the first thing you see when you open the app. There’s a little camera roll of your most recent pics, so you can choose which one you want to edit. (p.s. Look at the pretty font of the Afterlight logo! Beautiful)

The first thing I do is use the clarify filter. I don’t really know what this actually does, but if I don’t do this the colours of my picture always seem a bit ‘flat’ and too light. It automatically sets to half way and most of the time this looks good to me so I just keep it that way.

The next thing I adjust is the brightness level. (Don’t confuse this with the ‘exposure’ level!) I like really bright and warm coloured pics so I always go a little overboard with the brightness level. I’ve found that sometimes it may look quite bright while editing but then I see it in my camera roll compared to the other pictures and it may look a little dark. If in doubt; you can always edit the brightness level a bit more in your Instagram app.

Next, I adjust the saturation level. This way the colours will look a little more vibrant and warm. Be gentle with this one, I always adjust it under level 10 because otherwise it will look crazy.

This is a feature I don’t use every time, but sometimes my picture looks a little ‘cold’ coloured so I adjust the temperature level a little bit. Again, be gentle with this, because it will look weird if you set it too high.

Aaaaaaand it’s done! I always save it to my camera roll in 2448 x 2448, but you can also post it direct to Instagram.

Hope this little ‘tutorial’ helped you a bit. I would love to see your beautifully edited pictures! Tag me on Instagram @effierced and I’ll definately check your pictures out!


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