My 10 favorite watercolor & art Instagram accounts #positivevibes

My 10 favorite watercolor & art Instagram accounts #positivevibes

One of my favorite things about the art community on Instagram is the ‘Community, not competition’ way of sharing love for art. This is completely in line with the #positivevibes I want to share with others, on Insta and in real life. A few days ago I did another #gettoknowyou* on my Instagram and asked the question ‘Who is your biggest art inspiration?’, which made me think of my answer to that question. So I wanted to share my 10 favorite Instagram artists who inspire me the most. They are in a random order, and all have under 10K followers.

*For those of you that don’t know; I do a #gettoknowyou tag on my Insta posts every once in a while, where you can answer a question about yourself and check out each others page.

  1. Julie K Hansard Julie makes amazing animal, zodiac and just all round nature artwork. Lately she’s been doing a few acrylic paintings too. I am completely in love with her acrylic roses paintings. She also has a Etsy shop.
  2. Myartsituation I have the honour of owning one of Lisa’s beautiful floral watercolor pieces, which I got through her #100daysofminibouquets project. She now hosts a ‘free-art Friday’ on her Insta where she gives away a mini floral piece every Friday to whoever claims it first.
  3. Pizzlepaints Simela lives all the way around the world from me, but I’m fortunate enough to have watched a few of her livestreams on Insta (whilst still in my pyjamas eating breakfast!) and it’s so lovely to see the detailed way she paints her beautiful florals and wreaths.
  4. Sil.jy Silje is a great Norwegian artist who makes the most beautiful floral wreaths and galaxy designs. I have saved multiple artworks of hers on my phone to get inspired by. And I’m so lucky that she sent me a few of her amazing galaxy and ink paintings that are now proudly framed in my living room. She also has a Etsy shop.
  5. Harp_and_crow Julies galaxy paintings are a few of the best ones I’ve ever seen and she incorporates them in multiple ways, of which the galaxy and floral ones are my favorites. I also envy her amazing lettering skills.
  6. Pricklypearpaints If you know me, you know I love plants, succulents and florals. Well, Alia paints them all! Her green feed is just lovely to see and the gold touches are completely my aesthetic. She also has a Etsy shop.
  7. Jenaranyi Jen is the queen of watercolor and ink scene paintings. Her galaxy and mountain paintings are my personal favorite. She regularly posts videos on her Insta feed to show her process, which are very educational. She also has a Etsy shop.
  8. Kellygrafie Kelly is one of my fellow Dutchies and the reason I want to get better at handlettering. Her floral watercolors and ink linedrawings are beautiful too. She also has a webshop.
  9. Franwiththepen Another Dutchy! Fran makes the most beautiful watercolor and quote paintings and, just like me, also loves her shiny gold lettering and details. I love how her artwork is always original and fresh looking. She also has a Etsy shop.
  10. C.Beeatrix Beatrix makes the most mesmerizing detailed linework drawings that make me want to keep experimenting with my own line drawings. She combines the line drawings with watercolors which makes her art original and very detailed. She also has a Redbubble shop.

So those are my favorite Instagram accounts that inspire me. I would love to know who on Instagram inspires you, leave a comment down below or tag me on Instagram!

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