Update: Posthaste designs, #7daysofcolorwheel & 10K!

Update: Posthaste designs, #7daysofcolorwheel & 10K!

Hi! My name is Julianne, nice to meet you. I feel like I need to introduce myself again because IT’S BEEN SO LONG since I’ve blogged! But don’t worry, I’m still here. I’ve been quite busy with little projects and my health, but I’ve found some time to update you guys on my art.

As you may have seen on Insta, you can now order my designs on Posthaste.com! I designed four cards and I’m so excited that they’re now available online. And here’s a little tip: you can get your first card with 50% OFF with the promo code HALFOFF, so go go go and check out my and many other artists designs.


Also, as I’m typing this blogpost, we’re in the final days of #7daysofcolorwheel, an amazing art challenge I was fortunate enough to co-host along with some super talented artists and friends. For 7 days straight we all posted different color-themed art in any medium and shared it with the hasthag #7daysofcolorwheel. If you want to check out some of the amazing art pieces that were created, click the link here.


And last but certainly not least, I reached 10K followers! It seemed like such a unreachable thing, but I’m so happy it did happen and I apprechiate every single one of you that supports me and my art. So, thank you for making my days a little brighter with your lovely comments and messages.


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