Let’s do #geopatterning together!

Let’s do #geopatterning together!

Woohoo something exciting is happening! From Thursday the 16th of November, for 2 weeks (ends November 30th), the #geopatterning tag is in full swing! But what is this project? I’ll tell you all about it!

There are 3 steps to do #geopatterning:

  1. Use tape to make a geometric design on your paper
  2. Fill in the shapes with patterns in any medium you like
  3. Enjoy the peel-porn and reveal your geometric art pattern!

You can post as many pieces as you’d like, in whatever color scheme, medium or size you want. No pressure, just fun!

Here are some examples of the #geopatterning I’ve already done on my Insta.

Some tips for this art style to keep in mind:

  • If your tape is too broad for your liking, you can just cut your tape in half with a Stanley knife or scissors (tape your tape to a piece of plastic or a cutting mat and slice in half)
  • If your tape is too sticky for the paper and you’re afraid you’ll ruin the paper when you want to reveal your amazing geometric pattern, you can stick it onto your skin or clothes a few times before taping it to the paper. This way it will be less sticky and won’t tear your paper.
  • Make sure to think about the white that will be underneath the tape, so don’t use too much white space in your patterns.
  • As far as choosing a color palet goes: I personally feel like the best #geopatterning artwork I’ve done is when I choose about 3 or 4 colors to make the patterns. But ofcourse a rainbow colored one will be very pretty as well!
  • This is my personal preference, but Ireally like the patterns where I add a lot of detail. So before I finish a painting I go back and see if I can add any more detail to it that would add some more definition to the final piece.

I love doing projects like this to encourage the art community on Insta to share the #positivevibes and explore new ideas and techniques. I will ofcourse be checking out the tag every day and stalking all of your posts.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi, comment down below or send me a message on Insta.




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