FREEBIE – moon & leaves linedrawing + HOW TO print

FREEBIE – moon & leaves linedrawing + HOW TO print

Hi there lovely lovelies!

YES you read it correctly – it’s FREEBIE TIME! Woohoo! So I wanted to share this moon & leaves linedrawing so you can download it and use your own medium on it to make a pretty painting!

You can download the linedrawing HERE.


But, ‘how do I print this?’, you ask? Well, here are a few tips.

  • I print my linedrawings in bulk on 200 gram Creotime paper. This paper fits through my printer and holds the ink nicely (but just to be sure, wait like about 10 – 15 minutes to make sure the ink is dry before painting it!).
  • If you like the linedrawing and paint look, just print the file as is. Do your painting, coloring, or whatever you want to do, and trace the lines afterwards with a fineliner. This makes the illustration look more finished and ‘real’.
  • If you’re one to go for the paint or pencils only look – so no lines -, you’re best off lightning the image so the lines are a very pale grey. Make sure you can still see the lines, but the paint or pencils will cover them. This way you get a line-free illustration!

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If you use this linedrawing or any other ones I’ve already posted, I’d love to see the end result! Please send it to me on Instagram or use the tag #effiercedart (which is also a way to get into my newsletters – I pick three favorite ones to share with you every month!).

Byeeeee xox

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