Hi there!

My name is Julianne, 25 years old, and I live with my boyfriend and my very cute cat Mushu in a little city in the Netherlands. I’ve been unable to go to school or work off and on for about eight years because of my illness so I spend a lot of time at home painting and cuddling my cat.

I have always loved painting and I have been sharing my creations on Instagram for a little while now. Because of the positive comments on Insta and with some encouragement from my family and friends I decided to start a little Etsy shop and start blogging again.

My life has been paused for a few years because of my illness, but I decided not to wait on getting better anymore but to just keep living life and finding other ways to be happy. Luckily I found art, which makes me the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

What does the name Effierced mean? Effierced is a nonce word. A word that only occurs once in a language. Effierced means ‘made fierce’. My goal in life is to fiercely enjoy the little things that make life so lovely.